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  •     湖北必威体育安卓客户端下载必威体育平台下载有限责任公司是始建于1968年的国营湖北必威体育安卓客户端下载必威体育平台下载厂的改制企业,是集电线必威体育平台下载及必威体育平台下载附件生产销售于一身的国家高新技术企业;公司“双益”牌商标荣获湖北驰名商标,生产的电线必威体育平台下载产品连续三届被评为湖北省名牌产品,并获得中国国际专利技术与产品交易会金奖,被宜昌市工商局评为"免检企业",连续5届荣获"湖北省守合同重信用企业"荣誉称号。公司生产基地位于湖北省宜昌市,全年产值15亿元。进入21世纪以来,公司主要经营指标年增长幅度均超过了20%,在同行业中呈现良好的成长性。同时公司拥有一流的必威体育平台下载研究开发机构,通过了国家实验室认可认证、并与国内著名高校和上海必威体育平台下载研究所建立了长久的合作关系,具有独立开发、研制新产品的能力,达到国际先进水平的特种必威体育平台下载广泛应用于武钢、拉法基水泥公司、山东齐鲁石化、三峡电力总公司、葛洲坝电力公司、上海电力公司、河南送变电公司等国家重点项目。

        Hubei Hongqi Cable Co., Ltd was founded in 1968. It is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates the production and sale of wire, cable, and relative accessories. The company's brand of “Shuangyi” has been honored as a well-known trademark in Hubei province. The wire and cable products were rated as the honorable products in Hubei Province, and won the gold medal of the International Patent Technology and Product Fair inChinain last three consecutive years. It has been awarded as "Inspection-Free Enterprise" by Yichang Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and honored as a creditable and reliable enterprise in Hubei province in last 5 consecutive years. The company is located at Yichang City, Hubei Province, with an annual production of 1.5 billion CNY. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the annual growth rate of the company's main business indicators has exceeded 20%, showing good growth in the industry. At the same time, the company has first-rate cable research and development institutions, which has passed national laboratory accreditation certification and established a long-term cooperative relationship with famous domestic universities and Shanghai Cable Research Institute. The companyis able toresearch and develop new products independently. The company’s products are reaching the international advanced level, and its special cables are widely used in national key projects such as Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Lafarge Cement, Shandong Qilu Petrochemical, Sanxia Electric Power Corporation, Gezhouba Power Company, Shanghai Electric Power Company, and Henan Power Transmission & Transformation company, etc.
        The company's main products are high, medium and low voltage XLPE power cables, PVC insulated power cables, controlling cables, low-smoke halogen-free (LSOH) environment-friendly offshore oil platform cables, subway or light rail power cables, nuclear power plant cables, computer cables, LSOH antiflaming and fire-resisting power cable, mobile rubber sheathed flexible cable, metal-shielded flexible cable for shearer, mine-use mobile light rubber sheathed flexible cable, rat-proof and ant-proof, oil, high-temperature and radiation resistant crosslinked cables, overhead insulated wires, nylon sheathed wires, category 5 enhanced cables, prefabricated branched cables, etc. The products have been tested by the Shanghai Cable Research Institute and the state and provincial technical supervision departments. They have passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification, the National 3C Compulsory Certification, and the US UL Quality Safety Certification. The company can produce various kinds of wire cables and special cables according to the requirements of domestic and oversea customers and comply with the national standard (GB), mechanical industry standards (JB), international standards (IEC), German standard (VDE), British standard (BS), American standard (ICEA), and Japanese standard (JIS), etc. Company's products have obtained the network access certificates of relevant state departments of power, petrochemical, petroleum, coal, railway and other industries, thus having the capability to access to all levels of the national economy. Experiencedprofessionals and specialists form the pre-sale, sales and after-sale service groups, providing consistent level of services to customers in one package, and have received favourable comments from new and old customers. Facing new development opportunities, the company has formulated a new development strategy in order to achieve rapid and steady growth: adhere to the business philosophy of quality first, customer supreme, implement brand strategy, and vigorously open up domestic and oversea markets; improve technology level as the means to achieve optimized and upgraded of product structure, and to produce and sell high value-added products to meet customer needs; enhance the level of management as the foundation to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and improve company profitability. In the next five years, the company will have annual sales of more than 3 billion CNY, and its profitability will reach the advanced level in the domestic industry. The company will build an industry group that integrates technology, supply and trade into production, studies and scientific research and becomes an influential cableindustry base in central China.